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Lastikli Basic Takım – KIRMIZI


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Cotton: Due to its breathable structure, it is a fabric that keeps the sweating feature to a minimum. Due to its natural structure, it does not cause an allergic reaction. Heat ratio should be paid attention in washing and ironing processes.

Linen: Flaxen fabrics are very durable and absorbent. Keeping the air hidden due to the cool feature. Therefore, it is a preferred type of fabric in summer months. Natural linen products should be ironed while moist.

Viscose: A type of fabric that is easy to care. It has sweat removal feature. It is a fabric that does not discolour. Its sleek structure gives it a stylish appearance. Machine has a structure suitable for washing.

Acrylic: It is resistant to daylight. It is a kind of fabric which is easy to maintain. Due to its soft, comfortable and light weight, it has high gains in usage areas. Acrylic products can be washed easily in the washing machine.

Polyester: Polyester fibers dry and wet resistance rate is very high. It has high resistance against light, bacteria and long life. It is resistant to wrinkling due to its flexibility. It is a breathable, lightweight fabric. It can be easily washed on the machine, it can be dried quickly and it can be used easily without ironing process. .

Due to its stretching properties, it is included in the durable, strong weaving type. It has both longitudinal and transverse stretching. It is a fabric recommended to be washed at low temperatures.

Denim: It is a natural renewed yarn whose raw material is cotone. If there is a lycra ratio, it should be withdrawn when wet. It is recommended to flush the products by inverting to prevent the wear on the front surface. The use of steam is recommended for ironing.

Scuba Diver:
A flexible fabric that surrounds the body. Its elasticity makes it durable. Due to being tight and wrapping the body, it shows a body slim.

Sile Cloth: It is made of 100% cotton.It’s not sweating. It is a preferred type of fabric especially in summer months.

Wool: Wool fabrics are soft and flexible fabrics with their moisture-pulling properties. The air held in the fabric increases the insulation property of the wool against hot and cold. That way it doesn’t keep the body out of heat.


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